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We offer training support for dog owners and basic conformation training.  Contact for more information.

Below are links to a few of the resources we use and some of our favorite training products. Click the photos to be taken to individual sites.

Mighty Minty.jpg

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Kapari Kreations

Pictured above is the lead we had made for Minty. Kate is an artist when in comes to braiding, bead set design, and even painting her own custom leather colors. She does a beautiful job and each leash she creates is unique, with its own special flair. All of the leads she creates for us have a charm in the handle loop. This link takes you to her Facebook page, where you can contact her directly.


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Practically Famous



Trick Dog Training Information

Above is the link to Do More With Your Dog - a Trick Dog Training Program. Evaluators can remotely view videos and your dog can gain a title from the comfort of your home, something that more and more people are finding appealing. The more simple commands your dog learns, the more they can pick up on, including body cues, as well as verbal and non verbal commands.

Pictured above is the 6 strand lead we had made for Fling. Terry has perfected the knots that she uses to hide the back braiding of the leather, and her leads are very solid. This lead has held up for Fling's entire show career, including training. The above link takes you directly to her Facebook page, where you can contact her for more information.

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