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The "Designer"

I have always had dogs in my house. At the age of 14, I was in 4-H, which led me to dog shows. After telling a family friend that I wanted a Great Dane, she introduced me to Peggy Mignon of ValbyDane, and the rest, as they say, is history. Peggy sold me my first Dane when I was 16 years old, and has mentored me in the Dane and Dog Show world ever since. Along the way, I have met and had the pleasure of working with some amazing people. I have been lucky enough to have an amazing compliment of Dane Breeders and All Breed Handlers available to answer my questions and give me guidance.

As much as I didn't grow up in the world of dog shows, it is very much a driving force in my life now. To date, I have had the pleasure of have co-breeding 3 different Best in Specialty winners, all three of whom are also multiple group placers. As a handler, I have been on the end of the leads of some amazing dogs. While I have yet to take a Best in Show myself, I have shown several dogs who have won the coveted title. With multiple different breeds, I am proud to say we have received many group placements, a Reserve Best in Show, Best in Specialties, Best Veteran in Shows, Specialty Awards of Merit, Specialty Selects, among many other accolades.

To this day, my favorite and most memorable ribbons are with my own dogs. As a result of co-breeding the 2013 Design Litter, I got to finally say I was a "breeder, owner, handler". Behind that title holds great responsibility and pride, knowing that what is on the end of the leash is a dog that you had a hand in creating. That Litter has accomplished so much on top of Specialty wins and Group Placements. As a team, they have managed to win three straight Best Brood Bitch in Specialties, as well as two Best Brace in Specialties. While the group as a whole is retired from the ring, the next generations look to be promising. 

Outside the dog world, I have a multitude of passions. Design in any capacity has always interested me, and I have been lucky enough to have friends who indulge me and let me try out my skills. I do ad design for dogs and small businesses, as well as enjoy dabbling in interior design. You can see what I create in my spare time here

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