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Thank you to all those who have taken the photos on my site. All photos are credited to their photographer, and photographers are linked here.

Marni Kueber of DarkHorse Great Danes                   Charity Smith of Against The Grain Great Danes                     Cathy French Photography

Randy Roberts Photography                                          Carmen Brown Photography                                                       Stacie Knudtsen of Knudtsen Great Danes

Jennifer Bell of Fleur De Lis Great Danes                     Mary Ann Land                                                                               Margaret Luker

Lisa Wysminity of Jumpstart Imagery                           Les Korcala of Dog Action Fotos                                                  Kate Paradis

Cindee Carlson of Esquire Great Danes                       Olivia Hudson of LiveSky Great Danes                                       Tammy Sawatzky of Mystksand German Shepherds   

Photos by Tedy                                                                 Donna LaChance of Asgardian Giant Schnauzers                     Jolayne Moryski of Avitus Cane Corso 

Jennifer Dooley of Into The Mystic Photography        Jaime Lewers of Chic Shots By Jaime                                           Janine Starink of Photography By Janine

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